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Drela / Jan 27, 2018

Drela out! Good news for you guys, no more teasing and torturing you for more instance runs, Drela moved to guild Czechoslovakia. Thank you for your support, time, and fun. I guess Vindaloo will remain as an alt / relax guild now.

Drela / Dec 13, 2017

Since there were rumors about the staff discipline in Scholomance, Vindaloo decided to pay this place a visit tonight. All undeads and living were carefully interviewed, and finall speach with school headmaster happened. "Don't you know you'll sta...

Drela / Nov 10, 2017

You might find Vindaloo in the school these days, removing dust from the old books and studying the newest trends in chocolate recipes and necromancer law. Nobody was born filled with lore, in other words - it's for us a bit too complicated. Check...

Drela / Oct 21, 2017

It took about a year for the laziest core Vindaloo members to reach level 60. Hold your breath - this week, it finally happened! Congratulations! And welcome Preclik, our hunter's new dog, found in the last LBRS run.

Drela / Sep 05, 2017

Want to point out that end-game guild 5mans are running on Tuesdays, currently on a fortnight schedule. Few beers in a pub (world buffs, right?) taken just before tonight's event caused some significant dps misdirection. Baron down, congrats Pajin...